Shifting Funding Practices

We are Catalyst 2030 members and allies who are working to make the world a better and fairer place for everyone. We are calling on donors and funders to remodel their traditional practices to more effectively support grassroots organisations and sustainable social impact. We have co-written a letter that highlights the changes we are calling for. We invite all organisations working to improve the quality of people’s lives to sign it and join us in our open call to donors and funders.

Our world faces a cascading, connected set of pressing problems. To have any hope of making the world a better place by working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we must more effectively confront the root causes of problems through transformative systems change. An increasing number of funders and organisations have realised that now is the time to advance global progress and find new ways of supporting change by shifting current funding/ finance practices and norms in the social sector. Organisations and individuals who have signed our letter and call to action below are inviting philanthropists of all types to embrace the following principles:

  • Give multi-year, unrestricted funding
  • Invest in capacity building
  • Fund networks
  • Create transformative rather than transactional relationships
  • Build and share power
  • Be transparent and responsive
  • Simplify and streamline paperwork
  • Offer support beyond the check
  • Collaborate with other funders
  • Embrace a systems mindset in your grant making
It won’t be enough to focus on implementing one or a handful of these principles. Instead, this is an opportunity to speed up social change by making all of these funding practices the new norms within the sector. We need rapid action to progress towards achieving the SDGs and rapid adoption of better financing practices and norms. There are straightforward tools and resources that interested donors can use to shift funding practices.

    For Organisations Considering Signing the Open Letter

    • Review the full letter below: An Urgent Invitation to Shift Funding Practices
    • If you are a member of a social change organisation interested in adding your name to the letter, ask an authorised representative of your organisation to submit one of the forms:

    An Urgent Invitation to Shift Funding PracticesAn Open Letter

    We are now in a stage of our civilizational journey where our world faces a cascading and interrelated set of global challenges that threaten the future for people and the planet. From endemic poverty, racial and gender inequity, species extinction, and deforestation, to growing fascism, and the climate crisis, the combination of these co-occurring and overlapping challenges signals that we urgently need to fundamentally transform the entrenched systems underlying these major problems.

    To have any hope of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reversing the destructive trajectory facing people and the planet, we must more effectively address root causes of complex problems, rather than treating symptoms. This is possible if we transform policies, practices, customs, mindsets, power dynamics and resource flows to achieve a lasting impact on a local, national, and global level. This is the work known as systems change. It is a comprehensive approach to social change that seeks to address the complex, large-scale, and deep characteristics of social issues.

    A key aspect of systems change is sustained collaboration. True systems change occurs when multiple players across sectors, disciplines, and social groups – including funders and movement leaders – work together towards common goals over extended timeframes.

    While we encourage funders to explore different opportunities to finance projects that can lead to social good, including those that offer some financial return to investors, achieving effective systems change, particularly the many aspects that need grant funding, will require a powerful shift from traditional philanthropic approaches where:

    1. funders tend to rely on sources of expertise to understand social impact that may not center the leadership and lived experience of those who are closest to the issues we seek to address;
    2. most funding goes toward alleviating symptoms of failing systems rather than towards the longer-term work of understanding, addressing, and mobilising change to address root causes;
    3. project-specific funding is given in short-term allotments, which also often involves excessive paperwork, transactional power dynamics, and an overreliance on short-term metrics to evaluate success; and,
    4. application processes and criteria can lead to unhelpful competition among organisations instead of incentivising the types of collaborations that are needed to change systems.

    An increasing number of funders and organisations are discovering that there is a real-time opportunity to advance global progress and model new ways of supporting change by shifting current funding practices that finance the social sector. These needed shifts span across multiple types of funders, including funding from private philanthropy, governments, and multilateral bodies.

    The following principles outline what we, a large group of civil society organisations and systems change innovators, as well as many philanthropic thought leaders and funder allies, believe to be the most critical and effective practices funders need to adopt as we tackle the complex problems facing our world today.

    We invite you to consider adopting the transformative grantmaking practices below. Given the powerful role of funders and donors in influencing the work and scope of organisations working on systemic issues, these shifts will better enable and empower the social sector and will foster multi-sectoral collaborations that work towards the types of systems changes that are urgently needed.


    1. Give Multi-Year, Unrestricted Funding: Addressing root causes of inter-connected systemic problems requires continuous adaptation and learning over the long-term. Trusting organisations with general operating funds for multiple years (at least three to five years, and preferably longer) allows them the flexibility to take the necessary long-term, iterative approach to tackling big, complex, systemic problems. This type of flexible investment frees up organisations to adapt to changing conditions and enables nonprofits to focus on their mission-critical work rather than focusing on where next year’s grants may be coming from.  If a funder can only offer restricted project grants, make them multi-year and ensure they cover the actual direct (including staff salaries) and indirect costs of delivering impact (such as office rent and equipment).  Consider providing more than enough for these costs to enable nonprofits to grow a surplus and reserves.
    2. Invest in Capacity Building. Good ideas are not enough. Help your programme partners to build core organisational capacity and be responsive to what they say they need most. Nonprofits need to build a diverse set of capacities, either in their organisation or through their partners, to bring collective strength and sustainability to their work over time.  Funders who put restrictions on overhead costs constrain organisations ability to achieve optimal social impact.
    3. Fund Networks: Networks are tools in our social change toolboxes that support stakeholders to take collaborative action and to develop strategic initiatives that include multiple players who are part of the solution.  Networks are also an excellent source for capacity building for those participating, incentivising collaboration, experimenting with new approaches, and allowing course corrections to happen quicker and more efficiently.  Invest in infrastructure and coordination capacity for organisations to collaborate, build networks, and work together more efficiently and effectively.
    4. Create Transformative Rather than Transactional Relationships: We need to evolve from the corrosive power relationships that have characterised many interactions between funders and grantees to date. To achieve transformational change, we need to practice a partnership model where we all bring assets and gifts to the change at hand. Money is one of those assets, as is community knowledge, people power, relationships, expertise, economic power, and political clout. Effective systems change work relies on all of these assets. It also requires shared sensibility for listening, learning, humility, and collaboration. Funders can give up some of their power to build our collective power for impact.
    5. Build and Share Power: Non-profits and movement leaders have traditionally not been present in rooms where governments and corporations make big structural decisions. This is especially true for black-, indigenous-, and people of color-led organisations, as well as those led by women, young people, and people with disabilities. Funders can help rebalance these inequities. They can achieve this by sharing power with and building power for the social sector, giving more resources directly at the local level to organisations with local leadership and local ownership, and making more robust investments in organizations led by proximate leaders of color.  More inclusive decision-making structures and spaces need to be designed. These spaces should encourage general operating and capacity building support to help leaders win policies and practices that advance the SDGs in their arena of influence.  It is also important that funders are open to funding newer, early-stage social entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs.
    6. Be Transparent and Responsive: Bring humility to your grantmaking and recognise the power imbalances in your relationships with programme partners. Communicate your equity journey with your grantees. Be crystal clear about your priorities and expectations. Be swift to say no if it’s not a good fit, and respond in a timely manner. The urgency of our challenges requires no less of us all.
    7. Simplify and Streamline Paperwork: Nonprofits spend too much time writing grant proposals and reports to satisfy funders’ requirements, while doing the difficult work of systems change and meeting regulatory conditions. Funders can help give time back by streamlining application processes, coordinating with other donors on due diligence and reporting, and aligning reporting with a systems change mindset. Reporting on systems change work is often more complex and nuanced than listing short-term outputs tied to individual projects.  As additional methods of evaluating impact, funders can be more open to stories as examples of progress. They can ask grantees what shifts in the system they are seeing over time, and they can talk to grantees about what’s working in their efforts and what is not.
    8. Offer Support Beyond the Check: Funders have more to offer than money alone. Be a connector. Make helpful connections for grantee partners to other possible funders and peer organisations, be curious and responsive to their needs, and create opportunities to showcase them and their work in channels to which you have access.  Support networks that build strong connections and provide platforms for collaboration rather than competition.
    9. Collaborate With Other Funders: Just as non-profits need to weave together networks to achieve scale, funders need to build ecosystems of investors in systems change work. Share knowledge, connections and expertise with other donors; enhance efficiencies through coordinated action; open doors for your grantees and walk through them together as partners. Connect with funders that are investing in similar areas and hold one another accountable for thinking broadly about your funding ecosystem and being intentional to include leaders and organisations that have historically and systemically had a hard time accessing funds from donors.
    10. Embrace a Systems Mindset in Your Grantmaking: Funders should embrace a systems change mindset with their grantees to address their chosen priority problem(s). The overall goal is to meaningfully shift the conditions that hold the problem in place.  This involves identifying, understanding, and addressing root causes of the problem(s) you are tackling.  This mindset also extends to thinking differently about evaluating and understanding impact over a longer-term horizon.

    Many funders can point to some of these principles where they are leading or making progress.  However, partial progress, while worthwhile, won’t be enough if we are to respond to the urgency of the complex needs facing us.  We call upon philanthropic sector leaders and different types of funders to commit to adopting all of these principles in meaningful ways within their organisations, so that our shared commitment and ability to achieve lasting social change is accelerated.

    Specifically, we ask for funders to commit to the following concrete, practical steps to show your support for these principles:

    1. Take the Funder Diagnostic on funding systems change, found here https://www.notion.so/Systems-Change-Funder-Self-Assessment-545c4fe1196f4fca8247d5060b055481. This is a comprehensive tool designed to support and inform the journey of shifting towards more systems change philanthropy. Develop concrete actions you will take based on the recommendations in the tool, work to improve your score over the next year or two, and commit to re-taking the Funder Diagnostic again to assess your progress.
    2. Make shifts towards the key elements of funding systems change, such as increasing funding given to groups that use systems change approaches, increasing the percentage of your grants that provide unrestricted core support, and increasing the percentage of your grants that are multi-year funding commitments.
    3. Revisit and streamline your grant-making processes. Identify at least one way that you can incorporate more perspectives or information from proximate leaders to help you shape your grant decisions.
    4. Hold yourself accountable to these principles by inviting feedback from your grantees on a regular basis, either through an anonymous grantee survey that you develop, a Grantee Perception Report, a staff survey, or other feedback mechanisms that you create to invite input.

    *Many of the principles in this letter are derived from three sources: Embracing Complexity, a collaborative report authored by Catalyst 2030, Ashoka, Co-Impact, Echoing Green, the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, the Skoll Foundation, and McKinsey & Company that reflected the perspectives of many social entrepreneurs across the world; The Trust Based Philanthropy Project; and principles of Racial Equity-Based Philanthropy.

    We look forward to working with you our shared journey to create lasting solutions to many of the biggest problems facing people and the planet today.

    • Signed by 1,265 organisations.


    Access Uganda
    Action For Fundamental Change And Development
    Action Girls Foundation (AGF)
    Adit Foundation Uganda
    Adolescent Health Centre
    Advocacy For Widow’s Empowerment Foundation
    Africa Capacity Alliance
    Africa Media Hub- Strathmore University Business School
    African Coaches League
    African Education Program
    African Philanthropy Forum
    African Visionary Fund
    Agri Thamani Foundation
    Akili Dada
    Allied Source Network Uganda
    Allin One For Peace And Female Development
    Amh Group
    Amplify Girls
    Anza Entrepreneurs
    Aqua-Farms Organization
    Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation
    Association Des Jeunes Pour Le Développement Communautaire, Ajdc
    Association Gabon Initiatives Jeunesse
    Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya
    Benson Hospital Inc. And Ghia Foundation
    Better World Cameroon
    Bio Natura Gabon
    Bisou Bailey Medical Dispensary
    Bless A Child Foundation
    Bong University Graduates Association (BUGA), Inc.), Inc.
    Book Dash
    Boresha Life Empowerment Kenya
    Boundless Minds
    Building Tomorrow
    Bukene Life Foundation
    Bunyala Agri Climate Action Impact CBO
    CDVTA Cameroon
    Center for Environmental Justice and Rights SL
    Centre Artistique De Gitega
    Centre D’Encadrement Et D’Appui En Faveur Des Personnes Démunies
    Centre For People’S Empowerment And Rights Initiatives
    Champion Of Hope
    Chefs dexterity food forum
    Child And Youth Protection Foundation
    Childline Kenya
    Children and Youth Development Initiative (CYDI)
    Children And Youth Development Initiative-Cydi
    Cida E3
    Citizen Bureau For Development And Productivity
    Citizen Leaders Lab
    Climate And Sustainable Development Action Club
    Clothes to Good
    Clothes to Good (Lifelink 24/7 Cares)
    Cohere Charity
    Collaborative Value Partners Africa
    Collective Energy
    Columba Leadership
    Community Action For Sustainable Development Sierra Leone
    Community Forum
    community health and development foundation (CHADF)
    Council For Young Africans In Tanzania
    Dandelion Africa
    Development & Relief Initiative Uganda
    Digital Frontiers
    Disability Empowerment Consulting and Coaching
    Disability Mojo Coaching And Consulting
    Eagle Wings Organization
    Earth Regenerative Project Sierra Leone – NGO
    Ecoclicko Hub
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    Education The Legacy (ETL)
    Elikya Ville
    Elim Springs Foundation
    Elite Youths Of Anam Foundation
    Émergence Afrique (EMAF) SARL
    Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation
    Empower Nations Initiative
    Empowered Girls
    Empowering Plans Tanzania
    Enable The Disable Action Eda
    Enda Inter-Arabe
    Enda Interarabe
    Engabu Za Tooro (Tooro Youth Platform for Action)
    Enviro Impi
    Environmental conservation society (ECOS)
    Epic-Africa Foundation
    Equip Liberia
    Ess Creative And Legal Foundation
    Ethio SciTech Engineering Group plc
    Etkei Women Group
    Faded Black Innovations
    Fahamu Sheria Foundation T/A Sheria Kiganjani
    Faith Dawah Foundation
    Family Engage For Action Foundation (Faeaf)
    Ferme D’Espoir
    Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI)
    Fix Forward Trust
    Forum For African Women Educationalists Kenya
    Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta – PIND
    Friends Of Kenya Rising
    Funding With Trust
    Gabriella Children’S Rehabilitation Centre
    Garment Solutions
    Gender Accountability For Peace And Security
    Girl Up Initiative Uganda
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    Glaring Future Foundation
    Global Grassroots
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    Global Youth Network for Empowerment & Development
    Goodfood Agric Enterprises
    Grass-Up Now Development Consortium
    Grassroots Agency For Urban And Rural Development
    Grassroots Development Initiatives Foundation-Kenya (Gradif-Kenya)
    Hailord Foundation
    Hakizetu Organization
    Hale Africa
    Health And Environmental Management Initiatives
    Healthy Liberia
    HeartBeat Clowns NPC
    Helping Hands Kenya
    Higherlife Foundation
    Home Of Hope Jinja Uganda
    Hope-Aid Organisation
    House Of Hilkiah Foundation
    I Can Fly International
    Ideas 2 Impact
    Impact Hub-Liberia
    Impactdev Africa
    Infinit Impact
    Infinite Hope For Vulnerable Africa
    Inherit Your Rights
    Innoveight Hub Uganda
    Institute for Environmental Protection (IFEP), Inc.
    Integrate Health
    Integrity Action
    Inua Foundation
    Isoko Leadership Workshop
    It Ends Here Swihela-Lani Foundation
    J.M Education and Research Centre (JMERC)
    Jambo For Development
    Jesus Koazeah Childcare Center (JKCC) inc
    Jitolee Voluntary Service Association
    Jumuiya Women Fund
    Kabubbu Development Project
    Kadesh International
    Kajo Keji Health Training Institute
    Kaleidoscope Lights
    Kenya Community Sports Foundation
    Kerwa Child And Family Programme
    Kezzy Diversity & Inclusion Solutions
    Khulisa Social Solutions
    Kiambu Pamoja Trust
    Kickstart International
    Kijiji Yeetu
    Kikandwa Environmental Association
    Kilimani Prject Foundation
    Kilombero Organization For Community Development
    Kiota Social Innovation Center
    Kyaninga Child Development Centre
    Lakehub Foundation
    LEAP Institute
    Learning In Practice
    Lending Hands Initiative
    LESA Communications
    Let There Be Light International
    Lifeline Energy
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    Lwala Community Alliance
    Lyra In Africa Organization
    Madreef And Mzimba Christian Vocational School (Mcvs)
    Maklumy Technology Services Limited
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    Marquise House
    Matungu Community Development Charity
    Media Concern Initiative
    Mercy And Peace Creation
    Micky Foods Ltd
    Mihoso International Foundation
    Mordecai Care Foundation Of Nigeria
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    Munch Innovation (Pty)Ltd
    Mushrooming Legal, Economic And Environmental Aid For Communities
    Mwasenda Development Intervention
    N’Weti Health Communication
    National Mentorship Movement
    Ndu Ike Akunuba (Nia)
    Neighbourhood Environment Watch Foundation
    Ngo Ivorary
    Ngo: Adet(Amis Des Étrangers Au Togo)
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    ONG sante animale Afrique (SAA)
    Opennet For All Zambia (Opennet4 O Zambia)
    Organisation Of Special Needs Education Teachers (Osnet)
    Organization Of African Youth
    Pamodzichild Africa
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    Pemba Child Rights Enviromntal And Malaria Control Organization (Pecremaco)
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    Global Foundation For Advancement Of Environment And Human Wellness
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    Glovill Foundation

    Gnana Deepam Sevai Maiyam
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    Grameen First Eco Business Foundation
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    Rural and Environment Development Society (REDS)
    Rural Education Development Society
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    Sakthi – Vidiyal
    Salaam Baalak Trust
    Salem Pengal Nalavazhu Sangam
    Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam
    Samarthan-Centre For Development Support
    Sanitation First
    Sanjeevani Kalyan Samiti
    Sankalp Jyoti
    Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal
    Santhi Archana Ministries
    Santhivardhana Ministries
    Sara Seva Sansthan Samiti
    Sasha Association For Craft Producers
    Self Employed Padmini Vna
    Serve (Society For Education, Research And Vision Of Expansion)
    Seva Mandir
    Several NGOs
    Shakthi CBO Gokak
    Shakti Leadership
    Shiksharth Trust
    Shramjivi Janata Sahayyak Mandal
    Shreni Community Trust
    Simple Education Foundation
    Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF)
    Social Action Of Next Guide Rural Awareness In Health Sansthan
    Social Awareness Build Active Leader Ability (SABALA)
    Social Eductaion Economical Development Society( Seeds)
    Society For Environment Protection And Education Development
    Society For Himalayan Environment And Geology
    Society for National integration through Education and Humanizing Action (SNEHA)
    Society For Orphan, Neglected And Youths (Sony)
    Society For Rural Environment And Devlopement (Sred)
    Society For Solidarity And Reconstruction
    Socio Economic Development Trust
    Sosec Nepal
    Soukhya Sanjevini Samste
    Spandana Sri
    Spectra Organisation
    Speed Sourcing
    Spms – Sudar Oli Pengal Mempattu Sangam.
    Spring Health Water India Pvt Ltd
    Sri Durgashakthi Adis Tadegattuva Mahila Sangha Davanagere Dvg
    Sri Lakshmi Pengal Munnetra Sangam
    Srijan (Self Reliant Initiatives Through Joint Action)
    Study Hall Educational Foundation
    Sukjanwellfare Seva Sanstha
    Swagathi Mahila Sangam
    Swagathi Sneha Sangam
    Swasti Health Catalyst
    Synergy Sansthan
    Teach For Viet Nam
    Teamwork Arts
    The Akanksha Foundation (India)
    The Association Of People With Disability
    The Gender Lab
    The God Theresa Mahila Mandali
    The Irdwsi
    The Resilient Foundation
    The Stephen School For The Deaf
    Tutorum Technologies
    Udaya Rekha Mahila Mandali
    Ujas Mahila Sangthan
    United Artists Association
    Upaya Social Ventures
    Urja Trust
    Vanitha Mythri Public Welfare Society
    Victory Educational and Welfare Society (VEWS)
    Vidivelli Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam
    Vidya Gyan India
    Vihara Innovation Network
    Vitamin Angels
    Vivekananda Youth Forum And Edyouth Learning Foundation
    Vks Sharanya Welfare Society
    Voice Of The Free – Vf Foundation, Inc.
    Voluntary Health Association Of Tripura
    Vpms – Vellore Pengal Mempattu Sangam
    Vruksh Ecosystem Foundation
    Waste Warriors Society
    Wise Steps Group
    World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Asia
    World Health Partners
    World Talent Economy Forum
    World Toilet Organization
    Yayasan Inovasi Pembangunan Hijau
    Young Generation Of Tajikistan
    Young Generation Of The World
    Youth Dreamers Foundation
    Youth For Social Development
    Оюл “Союз Кризисных Центров Казахстана””


    Changemakers’ Lab Pty Ltd
    Community Capacity Builders
    Edu-Fy Pty Ltd
    EON Foundation
    Green Collect

    Impact Coaching & Consulting
    Inventorium Pty Ltd
    S&P Travel Consulting
    Social Enterprise Community
    Te Mana Consortium
    Thankyou Charitable Trust
    The Phoenix School Program
    Twenty Five Doors
    Wicked Lab


    A & O Beratung
    Acker E.V.
    Action For System Change
    Aflatoun International
    Agroarte Corporación
    Alessandra Marazzi GmbH
    Apolitical Foundation
    Bioregional Development Group
    BLAST Fest Ltd
    Broadcast.Org Media Foundation
    Building Pioneers Ug
    Butterfly Works
    Center for Open Social Innovation (COSI)
    České Centrum Fundraisingu
    Chair Is Social Impact
    Child Helpline International
    Children And Youth Support Organisation
    Circonnact – Regenerative Circularity
    Civil Society Organization “La Strada-Ukraine”
    Co2Online Ggmbh
    Collaboratio Helvetica
    Collective Futures Ltd.
    Common Goal
    Creanial Hub Ltd
    Delwik Group
    Designathon Works
    Die Kunst Der Inklusion
    Donut Berlin
    Dorcas Aid International Albania
    Dr. Mega Consulting (DMC)
    Ertler Impact
    Flare Governance Asbl
    Flechtwerk 2+1 Ggmbh
    Future Foundations & Global Social Leaders
    Gfs Consulting Group
    Girl Move Academy
    Global Education Futures
    Global Witness
    Greenwood Place
    Growthx CIC
    H&M Foundation
    I3L – Social Impact Investment, Unp Lda
    Iblf Global
    Ici Network
    Ikea Foundation
    International Bridges To Justice
    International Social And Economic Development Team Ltd
    Işkın Social Innovation Association
    Jambo Bukoba E. V.
    Learning Lions
    Linka Detskej Istoty / Child Safety Line Slovakia
    Madlug C.I.C
    Mansit Housing Cic
    Marine Stewardship Council
    Markevitch Media Gmbh – Ikonotv
    More In Common
    Mozaik Foundation
    Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti Bratislava /Open Soviety Foundation / NOS-OSF
    Next Stage Consulting
    NGO Nexus Qazaqstan ESG
    Novamedia/Postcode Lottery Group
    Paglinghi Marie
    PalliativTeam Frankfurt gGmbH
    Politics For Tomorrow
    Project Blackthorn
    Prosser Projects
    Purpose Alliance
    Reach For Change
    Republica Media
    Sdg Changemakers
    Serlo Education E.V.
    Sharing Strategies
    Stiftelsen Musikbojen
    Stiftung Drachensee
    Supercoop Berlin Eg
    Supply Change
    Survivor Alliance
    Teachsurfing Gug
    Teamadl Cic
    The Confluencers Ltd.
    The Good Lobby
    The Idea Studio
    The Languages Of Energy
    The Weaving Lab
    The Wonder Of Me
    Ticket For Change
    Tin Ventures Ltd
    Traidcraft Exchange
    Transformations Community
    Trê Investindo com Causa
    Triaphon Ggmbh
    TrueFootprint BV
    University Of Geneva
    Wilmette Institute
    Wohn:Sinn – Bündnis Für Inklusives Wohnen E.V.
    Wolfsträne E.V.
    Würdezentrum gUG
    Yekpare Social Enterprise Turkey
    Yesil Cember – Ökologisch Interkulturell Ggmbh

    Latin America

    10,000 Mujeres Unidas Por Mexico
    Abraps – Associação Brasileira Dos Profissionais Pelo Desenvolvimento Sustentável
    Agora Partnerships
    Aliança Nacional Lgbti+
    Alma Cívica
    Alter Global
    Antenas Por Los Niños A.C
    Arizona Sonoa Border Projects For Inclusion
    Associação Civil Live Lab
    Associação Dos Amigos Dos Animais De Nova Odessa
    Associação Educacional Cultural E Assistencial Miesperanza
    Associação Viva E Deixe Viver
    Build Change
    Caribfarm Inc
    Cdi Global / Recode
    Children International
    CIEDS Brasil
    Circulatam Bic
    Ciudad Saludable
    Climate Ventures
    Colombia Cuida A Colombia
    Consolidated Contractors Group (Offshore)
    Consultoria De Comunicação
    Corazonar Ac
    Cren Centro De Recuperação E Educação Nutricional
    Educate2Envision International
    Enseña Por Colombia
    Eureka Latam
    Fundação Amor Horizontal
    Fundação Laço Rosa
    Fundación Capital
    Fundación Comparte Por Una Vida Colombia
    Fundación Epas
    Fundación Escuela Nueva/Volvamos A La Gente
    Fundación Gloria Kriete
    Fundacion Inmula (Inclusion Al Mundo Laboral )
    Fundacion Paraguaya
    Fundación San Ramón Carbono Neutral – Healing Trees
    Gextión Consultores
    Grupo Interdisciplinario De Tecnología Rural Apropiada A.C.
    Home Storytellers
    Idis – Instituto Para O Desenvolvimento Do Investimento Social
    Impact.To – Negócios Sustentáveis
    Instituto Dara
    Instituto De Desenvolvimento De Talentos
    Instituto Devolver
    Instituto H &H Fauser Para O Desenvolvimento Sustentável
    Instituto Phi
    Instituto Refazer
    Instituto Vita
    Instituto VITA
    Ipa Instituto Pérola Do Atlântico
    Ipe – Instituto De Pesquisas Ecológicas (Institute For Ecological Reserarch)
    Kuja Kuja
    La Comunidad, Inc.
    La Mano Del Mono
    La Peacehub – Masterpeace
    Movimento Bem Maior
    Network of Engaged International Donors (NEID Global)
    Petit Gourmet
    Pintura Suma
    Plan International Brasil
    Resiliencia Activa
    Saborear La Vida
    Sector3 Social Venture Group
    Semilla Nueva
    Sitawi Finanças do Bem
    Social Gastronomy Movement
    Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL)
    Taap Foundation
    Taller Salud
    Tejiendo Redes Infancia En América Latina Y El Caribe
    Teto Brasil
    Trabajo Y Persona
    Tu Consejeria
    Tulia’S Artisan Gallery
    Univerdidad Cooperativa De Colombia
    Uplifting Women by MGA
    Vaga Lume
    Vamos Concertación Ciudadana
    Visualiza C Onsultoria
    Viva Rio
    Whole Child International

    North America

    Accelerating Appalachia
    Accountable Impact
    Aid To Artisans
    American Public Health Association
    American Sustainable Business Network
    Andorra, Inc.
    Ansara Family Fund
    Bites Philanthropies Inc.
    Black Fox Philanthropy, B Corp
    Bokitas Foundation
    Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
    Brio Health Global
    Building Markets
    Calgary Chamber Of Voluntary Organizations
    Caravan Learning Consultants
    Center For Economic Inclusion, University Of Houston
    Center For Inspired Teaching
    Chandler Foundation
    Children’S Environmental Health Network
    Clean And Healthy New York
    Climate + Energy Project
    Collaboration Associates
    Collective Capital Philanthropy
    College For Social Innovation
    Common Future
    CommonWealth Kitchen
    Corlett Fundraising
    Creative Reaction Lab
    Crisis Text Line
    Diam Life Inc
    East Side Institute
    Echoing Green
    Emanate International
    Free The Mind Co
    Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS)
    Global Citizen Year

    Global Footprint Network
    Global Fund For Children
    Global Knowledge Initiative
    Goodweave International
    Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities
    Greater Good Studio
    Greater Than Equal
    Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, Inc
    Grove Collective Foundation
    Health Care Without Harm
    Health Leads
    Imago Dei Fund
    Impact Innovator
    Independent Individual Freelancer Named Hitesh Bhatt & Ms Jalpa Patel-India.
    Institute For Community Prosperity
    Institute For Liberatory Innovation
    Intention 2 Impact, Inc.
    Interfaith Power & Light
    International Budget Partnership
    Just Transition Alliance
    Kairos & Heart Llc
    Last Mile Health
    Letters to Strangers
    LINKages Society of Alberta
    Moms For A Nontoxic New York
    National Center For Family Philanthropy
    National Family Farm Coalition
    New Age Services Inc.
    Oram – Organization For Refuge, Asylum And Migration
    Panorama Global
    Peace By Piece International
    Peacebuilders Canada
    Rd Innovative Planning

    Roosevelt Park Ministries
    Root Capital
    Rosa Es Rojo, Inc.
    Rural Coalition
    Search For Common Ground
    Segal Family Foundation
    Shoe Waste
    Simmons Center For Global Chicago
    Skoll Foundation
    Social Impact Movement
    Society For Advancement Of Science And Technology In The Arab World
    Start-Up Kids
    Sustainametrix, Llc
    The Diatribe Inc
    The Funders2025 Fund
    The History Co:Lab
    The Matale Line
    The Power Of The Heels Foundation
    The Systems Sanctuary
    Tlc Impact Fund
    Transforming Philanthropy, Llc
    Trees, Water & People
    Tru2U Communications
    University Of Houston, Center For Economic Inclusion, Sure Program
    Urban Core Collective
    Vow For Girls
    Water For People
    Water.Org & Waterequity
    West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology (WMCAT)
    Women’S Centers International
    Women’S Voices For The Earth
    Working Capital Innovation Fund
    World Bicycle Relief Nfp
    Wright Collective
    Youthbuild Usa


    3BL Associates
    Amaly Legacy
    Dar Erteqa
    Dialeb – National Diabetes Organization
    For All Foundation
    Hogso Djibouti
    Human Aid for Relief and Development Organization
    Kharazmi University

    Lebanese Development Network (LDN)
    Maghazi Community Rehabilitation Society/ Community Development Foundation Mcrs
    Ministry Of Education
    Moroccan Center For Civic Ed
    Moroccan Center For Inclusive Development
    Organization for Social and Economic Development (OSED)
    Palestinian Family Support Association
    Project Soar
    Sanid Organization For Relief And Development
    Sanid Organization for Relief and Developmnt (SORD)
    Unlimited Friends Association For Social Development
    We Love Reading
    With Global Ltd
    الائتلاف السوداني للتعليم للجميع
    المنظمة العالمية لرعاية الاسرة والطفل
    حزب الخضر المصري
    مختبر الابداعية للتمكين والابتكار
    ملتقى تنوع الحوار الشبابي
    منظمة حماية المراهقين
    ملتقى تنوع الحوار الشبابي
    منظمة خبراء للتنمية – اليمن EDO


    Accountability Lab
    Africa Voices Dialogue
    Barefoot College International
    Blue Door English
    Bounce Beyond
    Cadasta Foundation
    Cancer Research Center-Kilifi & Biophyto Medical Freiburg.
    Care2Communties And Funder Of Co-Impact
    Center For Victims Of Torture
    Collective Change Lab
    Compass Education
    Creative Metier
    Crisis Action
    Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT)
    Ecopeace Middle East
    Elders Council For Social Entrepreneurs
    Elevate Prize Foundation
    Fair Trade Usa
    Fairtrasa International
    Forest Trends Association
    Girls Not Brides:
    GoPhilanthropic Foundation
    H.M. Queen Silvia’S Foundation – Care About The Children
    Heatlh In Harmony
    Homeless World Cup Foundation
    Hoonarts Fair Trade Llc
    Independent Diplomat
    India Development Coalition Of America
    International Center For Transitional Justice
    Jaggery (An Initiative Of The Meaningful Design Foundation)
    Kajo Keji Health Training Institute
    Mentor Services
    Metamorphany Changemakers
    Migrants Commission
    Nova Scotia Parent Cross-Cultural Organization NSPCC
    One Family Foundation
    Pacific Links Foundation
    Pandemic Action Network
    Partners In Health
    Play Verto Global
    Results for Development (R4D)
    Riders For Health And Elders Council
    She’s the First
    Social Change Innovators
    Systems Entrepreneurs Advisors
    Teach A Man To Fish
    Teach For All
    Tech Matters
    The Flourish Initiative
    Venezia Autentica / Overtourism Solution
    Videre Est Credere
    War Child
    Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

    —Updated on 29 September 2023

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